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Corporate Office
M/S JMJ Seafoods Pvt Ltd #4/92-6A, Magazine Road, St.Thomas Mount,
Chennai - 600016,
Tamil Nadu, India.
Factory (APPROVAL NUMBER: 962)
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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes JMJ seafoods unique?
  1. High-quality seafood
  2. Sustainability of fishing practices
  3. Innovation in processing
  4. Culinary expertise
  5. Product Transparency
How do you ensure the freshness of your seafood?
We are known for supplying fresh and quality seafood. Our high storage for ideal freshness and a cold temperature during transportation sounds trustworthy. Strictly no added preservatives, odors, or discoloration on flesh.
Is your seafood sustainably sourced?
Our seafood is sustainably sourced, following sustainable fishing practices and certification to encourage prolonged marine health and biological diversity.
What types of seafood do you offer?
We supply premium quality and sustainably sourced seafood varieties, including tuna, swordfish, and reef fish to suit different preferences.
How can I stay updated on new products and promotions?
Get regular updates by subscribing to our newsletter and following on our social media channels for immediate updates. Never miss out on new product arrivals and special offers.